About Items4Action

Items4Action is your go-to source for advocacy and campaign promotional products and services. But we’re so much more.

You won’t find dozens of catalogs on our website because we go about the process of finding and ordering advocacy-related promotional products a bit differently. As your consultant, we do the work for you. You tell us the campaign or thank you promotion you’re working on and we will resource thousands of products to select just the few right ones we know will complement your campaign and brand your promotion perfectly. All you need to do is give the final okay and we’re off and running.

The use of promotional products is a proven way to generate results, encourage engagement, and build loyalty. That’s why it is a $22 billion industry. Narrowing the focus to campaign- and advocacy-targeted items helps our clients concentrate on what’s really important—getting people to take action.  

Items4Action works with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, non-profits, associations, campaign clients and advocacy groups to source the right promotional products and recognition gifts, at the right time, at the right cost. Using our preferred vendor relationships and ability to purchase in volume, we pass along pricing below retail, and often below wholesale costs—a tremendous value to you.

Why We’re Different

We’re different for three reasons.

We know the rules.

Compliance issues can be tricky, but with decades of experience in campaign and advocacy support, we know the regulations inside and out. We’ll make sure the promotional or gift items you select work within the appropriate guidelines.

We know the market.

With our experience in the political and advocacy field, we have a laser-sharp focus on what works in our niche and distribute hundreds of thousands of high-quality branded items each year to clients just like you.

We do the work for you.

You won’t find online catalogs on our site because we customize each search just for you and present a personalized selection of items you’ll find ideal for your campaign. You simply choose the ones you like and let us do the rest.

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